Fest alert!

Just a quick heads-up. We are hoping to re-open hp_holidaygen this year; virginia_bell has kindly allowed chthonya and me to join the fest community as maintainers. More details when it becomes 'official' - hopefully in the next few days - but if you were mourning the lack of gen fests at Christmas, or meant to sign up for springtime_gen and didn't get round to it, here's your chance to make everyone's Christmas better. You can't say no to that, can you?

Springtime_gen 2009 is HERE!

springtime_gen has started sign-ups: here

Sign-ups will continue till January 20, 2009.

Go on. You know you want to! Or I'll feed you to the cat.

My fic. Let me show you it.

Just a quick heads-up that I've put all my writing on an LJ, neutrinofics which is not locked. I aim to put everything on there over time: everything that's already been published is there already. Because it's public, there's no explicit connection between this journal and that (which is a problem: how to let people know it's there?!)

I've also disabled comments on the fic posts. It's not a tout for feedback: I consider myself very lucky already in that respect.

So if you ever want to browse, it's all there, and with no tiresome wittering about the cat either. Although you may well recognise the icon.



Away till Sunday/Monday. May be intermittently around but unlikely.

Fic: 300 Sunsets (SPN)

Set about a month after the end of series 3. Sam, gen. 580 words. Unbeta'd but going out to beta shortly.

Summary: the Impala has one last secret.

300 sunsetsCollapse )


Fic: Fidelis

Bad Wolf
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes after the last post. I really appreciated your kindness.

This is a story I started almost two and a half years ago. Finally off the hard drive! Thanks to kennahijja for a wonderful beta job, twice.

Summary: When two children are killed in the picturesque village of Beddgelert, Remus is called in by the Ministry as an unpaid consultant. The Auror he's supposed to be working with doesn't seem too delighted by the idea. Remus, Moody, gen. Set in May 1982. 4400 words. PG-13.

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